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Director, Producer and Film Editor.


USC hired him to produce and direct a documentary on Autism where for 3 months he followed a family, day and night, to chronicle their challenges by having two autistic children. This program aired on the ABC Los Angeles station and has been used by USC for educational purposes.


Nando has created, produced and edited videos for the North American Travel Journalists Association  destinations on Puerto Vallarta, Shreveport, LA; Huntsville, AL; and Oxnard, CA. He has also produced independent documentaries on Madrid Spain, Copenhagen Denmark and Bari, Italy.


For the last 6 years, he has served as a producer for the annual Imagen Awards, honoring positive images of Latinos in television in film which is broadcast on PBS. . This project has brought him into direct contact with television producers Norman Lear ( All in the Family)  and Kenny Ortega (High School Musicals and Descendents) as well as actors such as Gina Rodriguez, Edward James Olmos, Danny Pinho, Rita Moreno to name a few.


He is currently working on a short web documentary series on the migration of French people from Bearn, France to California. This is a 5-year long project on the website It connects Californian families with their ancestors in France. In addition, his current projects include feature documentary of comic artist and virtual reality designer Pepe Moreno. 

Nando Grancelli is a not the typical content creator, producer and director. He brings a unique creativity to each project that seeks to enhance the subject and tell the most compelling of stories. He uses multiples process of conceptualization to develop a clear creative and concise message for his audiences and clients.


Nando pursued studies in cinema at the University of Sciences and Communications and in The University of Buenos Aires. He quickly went on to be a professor in cinema for directing at the University of Chile, while also launching his career as a series television director for the national TV channel in Chile.


In 2012, Nando came to the United States and was immediately hired by a major advertising agency and worked on projects for major corporations such as Verizon Wireless, L.A. Care and the L.A. Zoo.


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